Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey brining...

It's that time of the year again. Sooo.. last night after we picked up my brand new shiny roaster from Mattress, Toilet and Outer Space it was time to brine Maks.

Boy was that fun with three hungry cats in the kitchen. One must be a cat-fu expert to get anything done in there. Actually, one must be part Jedi. Porthos is after all leader of the darkside, what with being Basement Cat and all. But we managed to whip up the salt solution and set Maks in for his bird bath. Today we'll give him a poke in the fridge and see how he's doing.

Somewhere between tonight and tomorrow morning I'll get him out of there and properly season him up. Today however I'll have to drop by Frontier with Punky for onions, celery, herbs... other nummies as I think of them. Oh, garlic! Our spread is small and humble this year, but I've been chanting to myself that it's enough. There are only four adults and one Brat. I tell myself that some people out there wish they could get away with such little work for Thanksgiving.There's no need to put more on my plate, so to speak.

I blame the Food Network. Not that I actually have it anymore. Still.. I used to.. My mom and I were like that episode of South Park, Creme Fraiche. That was a good one. So true too! These smiling chefs like Paula Deen and Bobby Flay come on your television and whip up yummy sounding and looking things, and they  say you can do it too! So off you go to the supermarket to drop a hundred dollars on a bunch of ingredients, and suddenly you're in your kitchen talking to the pots and pans and hosting your own pretend episode of 130 Minute Meals.

Anywhooo... While we were at the Fenceway Center yesterday, we swung by Bullseye. Goodbye money. It was nice having you for a bit. That place always manages to separate us from our cash. Punky says she wants it to be banned and illegal, but I told she'd miss it too much if it was gone. Picked up Host and Hostess gifts for my mama and her boss since Thanksgiving is going to be at her place.

Also, since tradition dictates that the Christmas tree goes up tomorrow, we picked up a tiny little eight inch pre-lit tree for the brat. It's just one of those plug-in tinsel ones, but it's all his own and he can be OCD with it to his heart's content without getting in trouble for messing with the big tree. He's not the only OCD one around here after all, and Punky is very particular about her tree.

Now it's time to poke the Punky and rearrange some stuff in the living room.



  1. Every Brat should have their own tree! :0)
    We do HIS and HERS at our house, but somehow I get to decorate both of them......how did I end up being the lucky one?? But when we have grandkids in the house, a tree goes up in every room (ok, some of them are small like Brat's) :0)
    I LOVE a brined turkey. They always turn out good. What time is dinner??? I'd hate to be late...LOL

  2. xD This is the first time he'll be having his own tree. Thank God there's only one of him, I can't imagine my Con Edison bill if I had a plethora of kids.

    Ha! Dinner is sort of early. More like a really late lunch, since it will be at around 2-3. My family has always had funky scheduling of the holidays.

    Hows the garden? When I actually have a little more time to sit and blog, I think I'd like to talk about the tiny garden I had on my Fire Escape.

    'till then!