Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog envy...

Don't you just hate it?

There you are, wading through the interwebs trying to find something you haven't already read, and bam. You find it. An awesome blog, by an awesome person, who has awesome stories, experiences, pictures, or crafts, and then your eyes go green like the hulk.

It's that feeling, the one that swells in your chest and whispers in your head.

I can do that.

And you know... I can. I've got awesome stories to tell. Drunk stories that make people laugh till they pee a little. But.. I'm never inspired to write those down somewhere. Then I stupidly get jealous of people who do take the time to put their lives down on paper. Or internet paper as it were. It sucks.

It's also not the greatest time of year. We're living on tight cash at the moment. Sure, all the essentials are taken care of, it's burn money that we're lacking. The extra fifty to go get into the city with. That sort of thing. I can't come home and post pictures of awesome finds at local stores, or newly crafted crafts without a little money to spend on those things.

It's Christmas that's killing me. This year there are eleven people on the list. The brat is top priority of course. But with great Brat's come great responsibility.

In the great tradition of our family, the Brat is going to private school. That means this is the season to grease some wheels and earn him some special treatment. Tuition covers his education, not teacher favoritism. That's what Christmas is for.

Then there are the Georgians. Punky's dad and step-mom, even though we pretty much have them figured out.

Then the two neighbor boys we're trying to bribe into being friends with The Brat.

My mama.

Her boss.

Not to mention, decorating. These are thrifty times. Pennies must be pinched.

On the other hand, The Mama is totally springing for a new roaster pan with rack for this year's Thanksgiving festivities. Woo hoo! Bed Bath and Beyond here I come. They totally have one on sale that looks nifty. This means I get a trip to the local mall, which I've been missing hardcore.

Goodbye whatever pennies we had. Target always sticks it to me. It should be illegal how violently that store separates me from money. It's a mugging I tell you. Let us not speak of how many Halloween clearance things we brought home. They do not joke about putting things up for 90% off. They are the evil temptors from The Lord's Prayer.

Anywho.. Maks has been chilling in the freezer, or freezing in the chiller as it were, as Punky and I debate when to pop him downstairs into the fridge for some defrosting. We're thinking Saturday. Too soon? Not soon enough for a twenty one pound bird? We've got our fingers crossed. We do want him to be done with enough time for some brining and seasoning.

Other things going on at the Hacienda...

Tonight was Parent-Teacher conference. The Brat got excellent grades.

Punky got a hundred on her Literature exam.

And I was the only one in the house not getting grades of some sort.

All in a days work I suppose,


  1. Hurray for good grades!!

    And blog envy happens to me ALL the time....
    I so love the leaves on your background!

  2. OMG Our first follower! Hiiiiiiiiiiii..

    Thank you. Punky was in charge of the background. It's her little tribute to autumn I think.
    I was just on your blog, sort of reading backwards into the archives. I love it. I particularly enjoyed and was just discussing your post on grounding.

    Punky is a bit of an unlabeled Pagan herself, though she's been out of touch with the powers that be for a while and me, well I love reading other peoples experiences.

    Thank you so much for following and leaving a comment. It's ever so nice to feel like there's someone else on the other end of the box.


  3. LOL! Yea, I know what you mean - I hate 'talking' to myself. :0)
    Thanx for stopping by my corner of the blog world.I have a tendency to wordy sometimes, so there is plenty there to read! LOL