Monday, November 29, 2010

Maiden, mother and Crone.

Oh good gods. I don't know why they let Angel onto pagan blogs. They should see him coming and close up shop. I for one think either he's been reading some pretty strange things, or he's just not paying attention. How did "mother" turn into hag. And when did the pagan belief go from believing in both male and female to being a man hating bitch?

Another thing that makes me go "...wha?" is that now The triple goddess is not "a" goddess but the one, the matrix. That's news to me. I swear, the wicca/witta/pagan-y craft I learned didn't ever mention this. So what happened?

And while we're on the topic.. And I'm ranting. I don't know whether I should get back into the swing of things, or leave it alone. It's been a few years since I left the life, but my beliefs still hold to what I learned back then, as well as what I learned growing up. More about all that later.

By the way, I do indeed love Christmas, but it's not the soul of a child living within me, but that of an elf. Get it right Angel. ^______________^ As he just put it.. "'s why you have a jingle bell on your head right now." Why, yes, yes it is. I even have pointy, green booties with bells on the toes, in the closet.