Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ramblings of The Goddess

On the cab ride home today, Alex said something about Trick or Treat. That's The Brat for you, you put something in his head and try to drill it in there and it never seems to stick. When months have passed, there it comes tumbling right out of his mouth.

So Punky told him it was no longer Trick or Treat season. That's what Punky and I do. She oversimplifies when I think she needs to explain more, and explains too much when I think she shouldn't. I do the same. Alex doesn't  like short sentences that just cut him off. So, duh, he didn't like being told Halloween was over. He took it better when I mentioned that it wasn't Halloween season because it was Christmas season. I said something to the effect of " Because it's Christmas. ... Or Yule. Or the Solstice, depending on what Pagan-y thing you're doing. " Something like that. This was brought on because I had been looking at Miss Candy Corn Blog lady's blog today, and saw her request for a book about Yule for children.

It was actually something really interesting to me, and something I mentioned to Punky. Punky said something like that would be hard to find, but when we checked the comments we saw that there were recommendations and they were awesome. This lead to me asking my dear Punky if she was more of a Yule person or a solstice person, which are the only two winter holidays I know of for pagans. Make a note, I don't actually know anything about pagans except what I read on the internet, much to Punky's chagrin.

She said neither. She was a Christmas person. This is very very true. My Punky has the soul of a child. She loves her some Santa Claus. She can belt out Jingle Bells quite happily mid-summer. So obviously, this lead to me teasing her, because that's what I do. I'm a big old sarcastic bull-frog. You see, Punky never knows anything I want her to know. She'll recommend a show for us to watch, and when mid-episode I ask what's going to happen she suddenly has Alzheimers. She doesn't remember the episode, or the particular details of the situation. She'll tell me about books with awesome plots, that she also doesn't remember except for bits and pieces. Her mind is like a sieve. A sieve that's been chewed on by our former pitbull Moonpie.

Back to the cab story....

The Brat has shut up about Halloween and Christmas and is quietly staring out the window at the highway. I grin, look at Punky, and pretend to be talking to The Brat. I mutter something to the effect of The Goddess would not pleased because he had boy bits and she was all about woman-power.

To which Punky promptly rolled her eyes and said " Oh god... what blog did you read that from? "

See? The internet. It is my friend.

I 'fessed up that no one such person had made such a claim. It's just the impression I've come away with after years of surfing the web and atleast tentatively poking other pagans and their beliefs. Almost all the pagans and wiccans I've come across are militant feminists who claim the Goddess because of their shared womanly-ness. There never seems to be room for men, or the male persona. Men always seem to be the big bad evil.

So Punky wants to know which Goddess I am talking about.


That would be my face. I said : You know. THE Goddess. THE GODDESS. The big bad triple moon wiccan pagan three face goddess.

Punky : She doesn't hate men.

Me: Yuh-huh. Do you know what her three faces are? The Maiden... hates men cause she's young. The Hag... hateful personality right there. The Crone. Come on... That's what Rich calls his grandmother.

Punky : Yeah, but Lizzy loves men!

Me: Yeah.. loves 'em and leaves 'em. 

Punky : But she still loves them.

Then we sort of got home and the conversation went away. I had to call my mom and let her know we were home, then Punky and I had to figure out dinner.

Theeeeeeennnnnnnnnn.... I decided to blog about it. Because I've been telling my self I'm going to be more spontaneous and just blog about whatever happens. That way I don't over-think it. This of course was tons of fun with Punky sitting three feet from the monitor. I barely got the title down before she was all eyeroll-y and snarky.

" You're going to blog about the goddess?...Why?"

'Because... I can... " And other random shit I don't remember. This took us back to her not knowing what goddess I was talking about. Which lead to me waving my arms around and proclaiming that the goddess had no set name. I said she was an idea, not a set person.

>.>  Then I proceeded to chant that wiccan people write up spells and chants that refer to her as The Goddess. Diane, Artemis, Astarte. That the whole point wasn't that she was just one person. This caused a mini-spat cause I guess that was all the mockery Punky could take about it.

What can I say? Most days I'm a twelve year old boy with a dillweed sense of humour. I snicker when she says Hard, and crack up when I think about the time she called out to The Brat that he'd left his balls in the sink.



  1. I enjoyed this post! Very much like being at home - or rather what would take place here at home. Hubby always has a tendency to over explain things these days. I blame it on the college education he is receiving. LOL

    And actually it is Maiden, Mother, Crone - the three stages of a woman's life. Or the Triple Goddess to those of Wiccan beliefs. {{Crone...Hag... that's funny!}} LOL

    Yule is the celebration of the winter solstice. The time when the Earth begins her journey back into light and Life begins its renewal process.

    Below is a link to a blog post that explains (and I think very well) the difference between Witches and Wiccans. The term Pagan refers to anyone who does not worship the god of Abraham.

    {{So sorry for the long comment....}}

  2. Oh, I forgot....I'm with Punky. I'm a Christmas person myself. I believe in Santa Claus and all the other Magick of the Christmas Season. (And I still celebrate Yule - we have lots of celebrations at my house! The grandkids love it!!)

  3. I'm coming to your house! I just got through posting on my own, but I totally had a blonde moment when angel and I were talking last night. I knew hag wasn't right, but couldn't for the life of me remember "mother". I still lol just thinking about it. I finally remembered sometime this morning.

    Angel thanks you for not being the wicca/pagan revolution to our door step.

  4. No apologizing ma'am. I love long comments. Thanks for the link, I'm checking it out now. s for the labels, aren't they such tricky things? I never mean to offend anyone really, but I myself have such a distaste for them. Gah.

    Also, may we come over and join the naked voodoo dances of your home? xD

    In all seriousness, your home sounds like an awesome place.