Sunday, October 31, 2010

Super Driver

The day was salvaged by our super driver and his amazing ability to show up just when we need him. All last minute errands were run last night. Mission Accomplished. Halloween playlist is halfway put together. Candy is in the bowl. Apartment is spookified.

All in all not a bad start to the holiday.


Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today is not a good day. Not a good day at all. But, I'm still sort of crossing my fingers and hoping it'll turn out alright.

We need to go to the bank. And to the party store for the chair rentals. And .. elsewhere. Annnd... our usually very reliable driver is M.I.A. Also, he's not picking up his phone. Nor is his brother. Yes... that's how desperate I am, I resorted to calling his brother.

Technically, if I can find our wayward driver by 2:00 - 2:20 the day will be salvageable. Rushed, but not ruined. Otherwise, I'm up shit creek sans paddle.

Here's hoping for a call-back any second now.


In charge

I dislike being in charge of designing blogs. I don't ever seem to be happy with them.

Hello, I'm Punky, and I'll be posting here with Angel. I don't have too much to say about myself at the time. It's 3:30 here, and I should be in bed asleep, but money and Halloween are weighting heavy on my mind. Earlier we put up almost all the goodies in the hallway, and though it looks really nice, I think it needs more. We threw together some glasses, scrape book paper, and creepy cloth to make candle holders. They look so good, but it's still not enough. Or so it seems. I don't actually think it's as bad as I feel it is, but you can't fight what you feel, expect you can. Hopefully in the morning it'll be better.

Tomorrow it's more decorations, and the beginning stages of cooking and baking. As soon as it's all over, we'll post pictures, and give details as to how the party and trick or treating went.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Breaking new ground.

So .. here we are yet again, grabbing a blog name and screwing around with a template. 'Cause this time we swear that we'll post regularly, and keep a proper journal. This time we might. Alot has changed, for the better, and we'd like to put that down somewhere. We're needy creatures, worthwhile things aren't worthwhile if someone else doesn't say so.

It helps that this time we've got a functioning camera, as opposed to the grainy one on an old virgin mobile phone. Handy for putting up pics of things we make, cook, craft, and otherwise bewitch into existence.

So here we are. Me, Angelwick. Punky.. the Punky. The Brat, who's actually at school and not here breaking ground on a new blog. Porthos is in bed, and who knows where Aramis is. I guess you'll meet them later when we start posting about our Halloween adventures.