Saturday, October 30, 2010

In charge

I dislike being in charge of designing blogs. I don't ever seem to be happy with them.

Hello, I'm Punky, and I'll be posting here with Angel. I don't have too much to say about myself at the time. It's 3:30 here, and I should be in bed asleep, but money and Halloween are weighting heavy on my mind. Earlier we put up almost all the goodies in the hallway, and though it looks really nice, I think it needs more. We threw together some glasses, scrape book paper, and creepy cloth to make candle holders. They look so good, but it's still not enough. Or so it seems. I don't actually think it's as bad as I feel it is, but you can't fight what you feel, expect you can. Hopefully in the morning it'll be better.

Tomorrow it's more decorations, and the beginning stages of cooking and baking. As soon as it's all over, we'll post pictures, and give details as to how the party and trick or treating went.

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