Saturday, November 20, 2010

The People I love and live with... Pt 2

Behold.. The Domesticated Getofficus Mylapicus. Code name : Aramis.

This two pound furball likes to inhabit the cushy thighs of its masters. It's war cry of  Meeeeeewww.. translated into Federation Standard as " Pet me now ..  or the kid gets it. "

He's our little bundle of joy. When he isn't clawing into us hard enough to draw blood just because he doesn't  want to be displaced. Once he's found a comfortable position that's it. You're stuck for the night. Any attempt to get up and wash dishes, use the bathroom, run for your life from a fire will earn you a sleepy stare and vicious pointy little claws.

He's sort of a runt-y cat, who thinks he may or may not be part tiger. His favorite sport is pouncing Porthos, our older much larger cat, and attacking him like a cheeseburger. He gets away with these grand delusions of tiger-dom because Porthos will just lay there,barely crack an eye open, and ignore the ambush much like a seven foot tall, three hundred and fifty pound bouncer would ignore the swinging fists of a two foot drunk midget.

Aramis is also ninety percent tummy. In addition to being part tiger, we think some snake DNA may have made it into his blood. You see, should you ever encounter Aramis in a position other than Sphinx, you will see that he appears to have swallowed a tennis ball whole. He's like a snowman cat, in which first there's his big tummy, a tiny head attached, and finally limbs but mostly just for show.

So there he is... another cast member of this movie I call life. Aramis. I love him to pieces, unless he's being a brat and then I just want to cut him up and eat him.


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  1. Ahhh, what a cute Kitty! He looks so innocent and loving. And quite happy to have such a wonderful home! :0)