Friday, November 19, 2010

The People I love and live with... Pt 1

My Punky is a coffee snob.

Just a couple of nights ago we were in the local Supermarket picking out odds and ends needed around the house, and I mentioned more coffee. We were running low. And even though we don't drink it daily or by the gallon the way that some people might, we'll also suddenly develop an urge for it in the middle of the night on a broke Sunday. Cause that's how we roll in this shire. We wait until we can't get our hands on something to suddenly desperately need it.

Better safe than sorry, we tend to keep things stocked up in the pantry for such cases. Now, earlier she had mentioned coffee being on sale, but we couldn't remember where. There are five supermarkets in our neighborhood, and two Rite Aids. We get enough flyers once a week to paper mache a whole rain forest out of. Sooo.. Sometimes Supermarket A will put something on sale for a better price than Supermarket B, and we'll wind up shopping in Supermarket C wondering where the heck the sale went.

Deciding we weren't about to either hunt up more flyers or visit four other supermarkets, Punky said she'd just look and see if Frontier had anything cheap. They did. She brought back a non-name brand little glass jar of coffee. Good by me, I put it in the basket, and off we went to hunt up further dinner supplies.

A few minutes later while Punky deliberated over something else, I picked up the coffee jar and looked it over. It said, Instant. Now, I grew up on Sanka. This was fine with me, but I remembered the last couple of times I'd looked at instant coffee Punky had conveniently found some in the coffee pot kind she would rather. That too was fine by me, who doesn't like good coffee?

So I mention it to her.

" You know this is Instant, right. "

" It is? Oh... Should I put it back? "

" Nah, you don't have to. "

"Are you sure, I can..."

" I'm fine with it. "

She looks worried and confused. Already I feel a little tickled.

" You know what Instant means, don't  you? "

" ........ No.."

" It just means you don't have to use the coffee pot. "

Blank stare.

" You just boil water and mix this in directly. "

"And it'll work?! "

And that is why I love my Punky. Because she's never had instant coffee before. I want to dance around and call it Commoner's Coffee, since she was the one who turned me on to Ouran Koko Host Bu.

It the coffee of us poor people who work so much that we don't have the time in our day to grind our own beans.

 Also, I love her, because eventually she'll be done studying, and she'll read this over my shoulder before I'm done writing it. Or she'll read it when it's posted. Or she'll read it next week.... But ... Eventually she'll read it. And she'll pout, then blush, then glare. All in that order. Cause she'll think I'm making fun of her, in public no less. She'll get angry and say it's not her fault she's never had instant coffee and I am such a bull-frog.

And it's the cutest thing ever when she's angry. Most days I can't take her seriously when she's offended at me, because I'm too busy cracking up and pointing. Horribly elementary school boy of me, I know, but it's not something I can help. I love Punky cause she's cute when she's angry and if she's not too angry, then she usually knows it.

For example... I recently came to the conclusion that she would make the worst zombie ever. You see, Punky has a tiny mouth. It's the bane of her existence, even though it's such a pretty little mouth. Like all tiny mouthed ladies of the universe, she wants Angelina Jolie lips. But they just wouldn't go with the rest of her. Her tiny mouth matches her squinty little eyes just perfectly.

Thus.... She would be a horrible zombie. The undead need to be able to open wide in order to feed on our brains, and Punky can barely bite into a healthy sized burger. She's just too dainty for it, the poor loli. So I've taken to doing impersonations of her as a zombie, in which I clench my teeth, pucker my lips and cry Brraaaiinnss..

This proceeds to make her pout, blush, glare... whack me around ... and then go " Do it again... I hate you. "

What she really means is " Do it again... I love you "

She's my Punky and I love her.


  1. Thank you. I'll be getting around to all the members of my family eventually.