Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello again dear blog...

Spring has sprung, and so have I. It's finally time to wake up from the winter hibernation, the moody blues of snow and slush and cold and ick.

It's time for sitting at the window, dreaming.

I've decided to try again to share my life as much as I can. I can't live under the fear of my ex forever. Otherwise what was the point of the messy divorce? I'm just letting him win each time I want to blog but don't for fear he'll somehow know and use it against me. It's still going to be pretty anonymous, I don't name The Brat, for example and I'm not exactly handing out invites to my house for tea.

So.. What have Punky and I been up to? Alot of the same stuff we'd been up to before. Dieting, we've each lost some weight, trying to work out though that is rather new, and .. uhm.. stuff.

Okay, so we haven't been crazily productive. This is not our fault. We've been drifting in a lazy river of contentedness, and for us... it's both a welcome break and a very good thing.

We are preparing for Easter. Punky is not much of a celebrate-r of this holiday, but I like any excuse to spoil the Brat and give him memories. So, we cut out like a hundred paper flowers out of construction paper, along with stems and leaves and pasted them all over our kitchen windows. Punky even made pretty green grass for it all. Sadly, no pics this time around as our camera is busted and our cell phone won't let us take pics off of it.

A very nice neighbor of ours saw it all and said he could always tell the time of year by our windows, because we like decorating them so much.

Previous to our spring extravaganza we had St. Patty's Day stuff in the windows. Also a holiday we don't really celebrate, but we made a special trip to the Irish Arts Center open house and that was lots of fun. We got to listen to awesome music and The Brat even learned to Mash the Banana!

Life has been good,and Punky and I have been trying to be very grateful for it. Now if only I could break the spell on not blogging, all would be terrific.



  1. So good to see back in Blogland. :0) So glad the world has been treating you well. Contentedness is good!

    What a fun thing to do - decorating the windows. Something that the Brat will remember. :0)

    Happy spring to you.

  2. Thank you, thank you. I've been haunting your blog for a bit. I love the cat narrations, and think that your kitchen has turned out lovely!

    Contentedness is indeed good. Life in general has been better than good lately. The paper flowers in our kitchen remind us of it everyday.

    So, how goes all on your end of the world? I read that you were missing the South. What part of it? Punky is from Georgia, a tiny tiny town there no less. It was nice visiting, I'd love to do it again soon.

  3. You go right ahead and haunt my blog! :0)
    My world is busy, busy. Trying to get the house makeover done so we can get it on the market to sell. Actually we live in the South (Arkansas) and will be moving to Colorado.

  4. Wow, that's a heck of a move. I wish you all the best of course, happy thoughts all the way and good vibrations too.