Monday, April 25, 2011

Post-Weekend Catch Up..

It's that time of the week again...

Easter was a fantabulous success. The easter bunny was very generous this year, leaving The Brat an even bigger basket and over twenty filled eggs. He's got enough stickers to wallpaper a small house and an armload of silly bandz.

Lela was awesome while having us over, and very excited about getting in on the easter bunny fiction. We're a strange family, very proud to have told The Brat our first lie. Crazies we are.

Our window display has just come down. We managed to salvage the paper eggs, but the flowers had to be tossed. The sun had bleached them out and the tape just worsened the damage. Next up is our Mother's Day display, which is turning out to be lots of fun.

We have two windows in the kitchen, with two sections each. It's sort of like having four small windows. So.. what we're going to do is dedicate each one to a different fictional race. We had been busting our heads trying to come up with a Mother's Day display that didn't just recycle flowers. It had to be simple though, as we are not Macy's and will be making everything ourselves out of very cheap materials.

Weellll... I've been missing Star Trek lately, and we just finished watching Lord of the Rings.. so I asked Punky about doing something like " Elvish moms do it better". And she agreed. So far, we're going to dedicate one pane to Vulcans, one to Elves, and one to Vampires. We haven't figured out the last pane yet. Any ideas, Jeanne?

Now we just have to figure out what each pane will have in it to represent the race. For Vulcans it might be the ta'al, a starfleet insignia, and maybe a silhouette with pointy ears. For Vampires, fangs of course. I have no clue for Elves other than maybe butterflies and fairies. I'm sure Punky will help me come up with something.

Maybe instead of 'do it better' we'll use 'parent better'.

For our fire escape Punky picked up a lovely little birdhouse kit at Michael's. She put it together, and we'll see about hanging it up out there tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be lovely.

Also, I took pictures of the steaks the other night and forgot to post them up. Actually, I'm a little shy about putting them up because they look so plain. Meh. Maybe next time.

All in all it was a very good weekend. By this time next week my insurance will have kicked in and I might have news about trips to the doctor. For now, I'm off to seek more inspiration for our wacky window display.



  1. So glad the Easter Bunny brought much Spring joy (and candy) to your house!
    Mother's Day? Oh my....maybe something to do with birds since you have a new birdhouse going up on the fire escape. Please do share pictures when your windows are finished. :0)
    Good news about the insurance!

  2. There will definitely be window pictures when we get the display up. It's funny, we've been keeping the windows decorated for so long now that they feel naked with nothing on them.

    Yup yup, the first doctors visit should be to my hematologist. I'll be getting IV Iron treatments to bring my red blood cell count up.