Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post-Weekend Catching Up!!

Alrighty... so once again, life picked up and blogging got a little cast to the side. The truth of the matter is that I am only a quarter of a century old. The Organizational Force is not yet strong in me. Sit with Yoda I must.

Mama visiting was accomplished as usual. This too is an aspect of our life that has been improving. The Brat's relationship with his grandmother is evolving as he grows. Lately they've taken to reading together, which is a big deal since The Brat is still struggling with it. Lela, as his grandmother is affectionately called, is very proud of him.

Banking for the week has been accomplished. We're still in Beginning of the Month mode, so it's still important to plan and prioritize so that the end of the month isn't a tight mess. For example, tomorrow is food shopping day. Punky and I are off to our local BJ's to stock up on goods. Our savings have been put away, minus expenses for the upcoming trip to sleepy hollow, which should only be denting our wallets by about a hundred dollars for all three of us. My credit card balance has been paid off in full, which only tallied up to about eighty dollars, leaving a healthy amount in the bank.

Despite the sillyness of it, I still check CreditKarma everyday to see if my file has changed any. After all, all this saving and planning and whatnot is only the laying of the foundation for our future. It's a little exciting.

Over the weekend we picked up some sidewalk chalk to play with. Spring break is coming up for The Brat, and even though he'll be attending a week-long thing at his school, there'll still be time for playing with the parentals. Also, we picked up his yearly Easter basket at Kmart. It's us of course, so we broke it open and rearranged it. We're all about letting him hunt some Easter eggs, but we're not down with packing them all with candy. He gets a healthy dose of stickers and small toys and erasers. His teeth are important, we try to make sure he gets that.

Punky made him a cute countdown calendar for the kitchen with some of her scrap booking supplies and some construction paper. Now each day he let's us know how long until the Easter bunny arrives.

Did we mention at all that the kid's got glasses now? He's the cutest little hipster thing on the block with his converse frames and Shaun White skinny jeans and cute little shirts. Not to mention his leather jacket that gets him at least two compliments a day.

What else? Punky brought up the other night possibly finding her way back to witch craft. This is largely thanks to Aine of The Deepest Well and her awesome posts. Thank you ma'am! I hope Punky finds her way okay, even if she doesn't find all the answers.

Punky is also excited about Scream 4. This will be only the second time that we'll have had the luxury of seeing something at a theatre since the parenting trip began. Woohoo. Nachos and slurpees here I come. Also, Woohoo, Punky has lost three more pounds.

That's the big stuff, which isn't very big at all. I've been haunting peoples blogs again, lurking about and being me as usual. I've also been meaning to blog about a few other things, but I've sort of forgotten the faux names I've given to friends and neighbors to keep their anonymity. Might have to scroll backwards and figure that out.

Happy Spring Nights to all who stop by.. Lot's of love and good feelings..


P.S. - Someone remind me to blog about Mad Mad House and the many discussions it spawns. Also, Sister Wives.


  1. It's great that the Brat is having time with his G'Ma. And that they are reading together. That should help improve his abilities. And the glasses will as well. My oldest Grandson wears glasses and recently had an operation to correct his lazy eye. His reading improved almost immediately.

    Sidewalk chalk...I still like to play with it!

    So glad that Punky has read Aine's blog. Isn't Aine wonderful?? :0)

    Have a Happy Spring Day!

    **Reminder: Blog about Mad Mad House and Sister Wives

  2. Hey don't forget about Mad Mad House and Sister Wives!!

    ok, I'll shut up. Eventually.

    I am in total agreement when it comes to Easter candy!

    I used to fill the baskets with non-candy items too. Since I was careful with the kid's diet on a daily basis, I let them have a few sweets on special occasions, mostly because I didn't want to create a binge situation, but I certainly didn't hand them (3) each a basket full of sugar!

    Besides, I could count on Grandma to do that and every other thing she thought I'd disapproved of.....:)

    I'm glad that Punky is feeling a little more hopeful. God knows I've been discouraged along the way. Sometimes I wonder if it's people that discourage me or the belief system - I mean I have had my share of disappointments about those who call themselves spiritual. Anyway, it is a path I keep reminding myself, and so there are good days and not so good ones.

    It took me a long time to discover this but - if you have to try too hard at it (whether it's the actual practice or the belief itself) you may have to rethink your true beliefs and adjust your practice accordingly!

  3. Gah... Blogger needs to set something up where it like lets me know that people have been commenting. I've always gotta check just in case, and sometimes I don't because I think that nothing is important enough to comment on.

    Jeanne, Aine is indeed wonderful. I'd love to really know her. Not in a creepy stalker way, but just because I'm such a tactile person. I'm a toucher and a clinger and generally a hands on kind of person. I always feel like my affection for something or someone can't be felt unless they can feel my arms around them or something. That was always the way it was done with my mother and I. It works backwards too, with people I admire, I often want to lay my head on their lap, or have their hands in my hair. I think something is transferred in that sort of touch, you know?

    Sidewalk chalk is awesome! We picked up two little plastic buckets that came with assorted colors. The Ave where we live shall be a bright and decorated place.

    Also, glad to hear that surgery worked for your grandson. So far the glasses seem like they've been helping. I'm very proud of his progress in school. Next month he'll even be in a play. He already has his line memorized.

    -Aine, forgive the creepyness up above, but look, thou hast fans! Yay!

    You have no clue how nice it is to connect with someone who has/had similar parental inclinations. Around my neighborhood I get the strangest looks from other parents, and never for the weird stuff like gothyness or fire escape gardens or weird headresses. No.. I get the funny looks because there is no television in my house. No x-box or playstation, and no, my brat does not have a DS or a gameboy.

    Punky and I try to beware the pitfalls of either glorifying or demonizing sweets and other junk foods. If we never handed them out, then there's the potential that the brat would see it as something to overindulge in as soon as it was in his control. If we hand them out too much, then there are health consequences on top of a possible food dependency issues. It's all about that important balance. A sweet should be a sweet. Nothing alarmingly special, nor just a passe every day thing.

    Also, that is indeed what Lela's are for. She gets to spoil him, though she does mind the candy a little, and he thinks she's heaven on earth.

    Punky is feeling hopeful. It's a slippery slope. She's so shy, and there are certain things I can't elucidate on without her permission. It's one of those things that makes so much more sense when you have all the information. Hopefully she'll share with you soon.

    Mad Mad House and Sister Wives! I shall blog about them immediately, amongst other things!


  4. RE: comment notifications ..... you can receive notification of comments made to blog posts via email. Under your blog name on your dashboard will be some options (NEW POST, EDIT POST, COMMENTS, SETTINGS, etc.) Click on the word Settings. This takes you to the settings page. Click on comments under the SETTINGS tab. At the very bottom of the page you can enter an email addy where you can receive notifications of comments left on your blog.