Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear blog I am feeling lazy

Actually, I think it's more pain then laziness, but I still don't want to move. What's worse is I'm bored out of my skull. Anyhow.. Hello lovely blog, it's good to speak to you again. It's been a few months I think. A very long time indeed, but here I am now. Only I can't remember anything I want to ramble about.

It's been good here. The brat is doing well, not always behaving but he is a kid. Angelwick and I are doing good. The home life is treating us well I think. I'm glad it's going as well as it is. I can't wait for summer. We have so much planned. We're going to be sticking The Brat into lots of fun things, and going to be headed to many fun places. I personally can't wait until we go to six flags. I'm so excited.

Actually, speaking of exciting places, last Sunday we went to the Aquarium. We all had a ball. The Brat was amazing, and only acted up a few times, which is such an improvement. It was sort of a test run to see just how well he behaved himself, and he's come so far. I was really proud of him. We really did have a blast, and if I could get pictures of our cell phone I'd share them all. But sadly I can't.

We've been dieting as well. Also a month now, and it's going alright. I miss food. Hardcore, but it's getting a little easier. A little bit, not much, but something is better then nothing. Saturday is our cheat day and we're still talking about what to do. Something wonderful I'm sure but who knows.

Easter is also coming up. I think I want to take a trip into the city to find The Brat an Easter Basket. Maybe one for Angel too, but we'll see.

For now, that's all I can think of rambling on and on and on about, so I'm off.

Punky signing off and wishing everyone a wonderfully perfect weekend.

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  1. I love aquariums! SO fun and fascinating! :0)

    And kids will be kids. Enjoy him. They grow up so quickly. I'm sure he'll be looking forward to all the fun stuff you have planned for the summer.

    And dieting...never worked for me. But what has worked is portion-control and severely limiting my intake of sugar. Really a hard thing to do when you live with a Hubby that can eat everything and not gain a pound.

    Have a FaNTaBuLouS weekend!!