Friday, April 22, 2011

A Humble Salute...

I don't know if you ladies will be able to tell, but that's an Easter egg with a witchy hat on it. Just for you two ladies, Jeanne and Aine. Also, in the background you can see our paper flowers. Those be our kitchen windows. Next up is a Mother's Day display.

This one is Punky's purple Loli egg. Hence the cute little bow.

This is my menacing vampire fangy egg. As you can see, I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

This is my graffiti egg. It just looks black in the pic, but it's splotchy and full of color in better light. It's my tribute to NYC.

This is Punky's polka dot egg. It's a very pretty shade of green.

My pirate egg! He got a little smudged when I took him out of the dye, so he's more like a melty pirate.

Punky has arrived with food, so off I go.. more eggs later.


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