Friday, December 31, 2010

Wishes, dreams, and resolutions....

Hello again world. Forgive me my disappearance. It's that season when the planet turns upside down and everything is a little crazy. Anywho... I've got news!

I was just approved for my first ever credit card! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

In the past my credit has been less than stellar. This is not because of debt however. Instead, I have what TransUnion and Equifax call a Thin File. I've lived in the same place most my life, I didn't have a bank account for a long time, etc. Not much to go on for credit scoring. Well, for the past year and a half, I've been working on fixing that. I've got the best Punky in the world, and an awesome brat. Someday, I may want to buy them a house, or a car or something. I don't know... I've never really been one for the traditional american dream, but perspective changes when you're raising a kid.

So. I've got a bank account. I've been keeping it clean, no overdrafts or crazy fees, and it's been that way for coming on two years. I've been monitoring my credit report, making sure there's nothing wrong on there and that stuff is coming off when it's supposed to. Then last night I called Dell. The computer place. They have an awesome laptop I want. It costs just a little over two grand though, and I've only got about half that to my name. On the flip side, they have this awesome payment plan for people who have their Dell Preferred Account. My dream rig would only cost seventy dollars a month! That I could totally handle, and then some.

So, I called and asked what sort of credit score I would need in order to be approved for said card. After being told they would get me that info, they ran a credit check anyway. I even warned them about the thin file problem and told them I most likely wouldn't qualify. I didn't. Oh well. I then went back to the place where I monitor my report, and checked it out. Same stuff. Thin File. Etc.

However, they have recommendations for credit cards that are good for building credit, and how low of a score each one will take, etc. Lo and behold, I applied to one of them and was approved!

Sure, it's a secured line, but that's fine by me. All I care about is beefing up my file. I'm not about to go out on some massive spending spree, or begin living outside of my means. One of my resolutions for the next year is to continue improving my credit.

The other is of course, like half the nation, lose some weight. Also something I got an early start on and have been doing well with.

Beyond that, I resolve to blog more. To continue bettering my parenting. And to try and get a handle on my health situation.

That is all for now, and it's more than enough.



  1. Hooray for you! And Best Wishes for achieving your goals in 2011!

    Brightest Blessings in 2011! :0)

  2. Thank you, thank you. And of course, the same to you. Here's wishing you the best for the new year and then some.