Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Faeries and Gods and Logs. Oh my!

Just been wandering about the various blogs I follow. It seems like a good time of year for it too, since most are chock full of interesting posts about the season, the weather,  and the many holidays that so many faiths and cultures seem to celebrate in the coming month.

Yule logs. What is the word on those? The Deepest Well just posted a plethora of information that was a delight to read. It tempted me ever so horribly to march out and bring one home. Of course, this would be tricky as my Punky is a bit of a tree hugger in the strangest way.

Last night we all sat around the television in the kitchen to watch NBC's Christmas Tree Lighting in Rockefeller Center. No particular artists I liked on the roster, but the music was nice just the same, and I was introduced to a singer I hadn't previously heard of. Charice. Anywho.. throughout the show they're doing little flashbacks, talking about how many years this event has been going on for when it suddenly occurred to Punky that this was a real live tree that they were talking about.

Now personally, I remember being in the city with her either last year or the year before when the tree was up. Not for the actual lighting of course, I don't think many real New Yorkers go to that because of the crowding. But we were there. I know, because she was fascinated by the ice skating at Rockefeller Center. Sadly, she doesn't remember that. She seemed genuinely hurt that a tree had been cut down just for display. At first I thought she was just being funny and a little sarcastic. She loves Christmas Trees! She's had real ones before!  I was wrong.

From what I can gather, she's upset because it's such a large tree. A tree that took many years to get so tall. I can't pretend that I see it her way, or even really understand where she's coming from, but I can definitely feel sympathy all the same. I don't have to be standing where she's standing to support her. The show introduced everyone to the family that was sort of donating the tree. The husband/dad was a firefighter from a station in The Bronx who responded to 9/11. He and his family lived in a small but very nice house with some land around it and on it had been this magnificent spruce. The show also went on to mention that when the tree had finished its role as Christmas Tree to NYC that it would be given to Habitat for Humanity to help build homes.

This too I thought was something that would make Punky feel better, but no such luck. She says I just don't understand, and I've already admitted that that is true. So I have no idea how she would feel if I just uprooted a tree in our local park and brought it home to declare it Yule Log time. xP

First things first, I'm going to do more research on Yule in general and on Yule Logs too, to supplement what The Deepest Well posted. Then I'll see how she feels about it all.

Secondly, if we get the fun and privilege of declaring it Yule Log time ... we have no fire place. My initial thinking had been along the lines of doing it symbolically. Maybe a small twig that we would honor and then burn safely in the kitchen. Some of the information in that post though made me think that might be a bad idea. So... what to do? There must be some creative solution, I just haven't thought of it yet.

In other news... Are there faeries in New York? Stay tuned right here at The Fire Escape and find out tomorrow when Miss Candy Corn Ma'am is sure to stop by and drop some knowledge on our blog as she most graciously does whenever we update.

Furthermore. In order to even the playing field of the gods and goddesses I have decided that there should be a Triple Face God. Like the Triple Moon Goddess, he would represent the three stages of a man's life. So far, I have affectionately come up with them as so :

The Dude.  The Dad . And The Crotchety Dude.  In his first two stages of life, he is much like Crush from Finding Nemo. Awesome and Dude-like. Also... dad-like. The Third stage is more like, Mr. Turtle. Crush's less stellar dad.

That is all for tonight.



  1. Ok, let me say on absolutely no authority whatsoever, that in this case, (you know - without a fireplace and all) that a twig would not , as expected, give you very little good fortune for the new year, but SURPRISINGLY good fortune, because, if for no other reason, of your obvious ability to persevere in tough times, with limited resources - in other words, you get a A for EFFORT!!

    ok, but what do I know - maybe you're damned. Whatever. Others have been, and still we worship them. Let's look at the facts as they are at this moment - you have a great blog and I am now a follower, and all's well with my world.

    I have to say, I am all in favor of the the triple God idea. I already believe in him (them.) In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen every aspect - up close and personal. Some good and you know what? Some really not good at all. Scary, actually. Underworld stuff.

    But that's another story for another day....

  2. I had been wondering if it could be one of those things where the powers that be recognize the effort and the situation. Punky and I will be pondering it for a while, though we did do some more reading on Yule Logs tonight.

    Welcome to The Fire Escape! We're always crazy happy to have a new follower, and over the moon to get comments.

    Ha, the triple god. It's all in a bit of fun and humor. Mostly something I like to tease Punky about.

    Nice to have you stop by.


  3. I must agree with Punky about the tree. I absolutely love Christmas trees - all decorated with lights and baubles - but to cut down such a huge individual that took so very long to grow is just so sad. :0(

    Love, Love, Love the idea of a Triple Face God! So cool! Don't know why he was never brought into existence before now! I mean, you need a God to go with the Goddess to make little "God-lettes", right?

    Didn't know if you had read my response to your query about Faeries in NYC on my blog, so I am reprinting part of it here. You'll need to go back to my blog to read the whole thing.

    Angelwick & Punky - There are faeries everywhere! Even in NYC! But you may not find them in your home - too many different tenants in one spot can cause the Fae to move somewhere where they feel more comfortable. Try leaving a bit of something outside, maybe on a window ledge. And be sure to speak to them when you do - Let the Wee Folk know that you would like to get to know them. Or the next time you are in a park, talk to the Fae (of course, you might want to wait until no one is close by before you say anything! Would hate to have the guys in white coats come get you!)
    You ought to read the book, The Good Faeries of New York by Martin Millar.

    Please keep us posted on your Yule Log dilemma....

  4. Gosh... I'm actually a little embarrassed by the wonderfully positive attention that my joke about the God-Dude is getting. I will admit though, it makes me feel good and even a little happy to be amongst such self-secure women. This did all stem from me poking fun at the militant feminists I've run across. Not the ones that believe in equality, because that's something everyone should believe in, but the ones who believe in superiority.

    I will most definitely be shuffling over to your blog in a bit. And will check the book out as well. As for the people in white coats... they don't really try here in NYC. Everyone talks to themselves.. atleast most people look like they do, walking around with those silly BlueTooth pieces in their ear.