Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gah, it's been over a week.

Sorry guys! We didn't mean to leave you hanging, but Angel hasn't felt like there was anything to say that was worthy of posting, and I've been terribly ADD. It's sorta been slow here, so there isn't really much to say, but enough I think to make a decent post.

We got more shopping done Tuesday. Another present for the mama, and I found a niffy present for Angel last week, both are wrapped and under the tree. I still have to find him other things, but there'll be time, beside he and I have a agreement this year, that we don't care if presents are late for him and I. It only matters that the brat has everything, and he does. Boy does he. He's going to be trilled.

I've had to re-wrap to for his gifts, because our basement cat won't leave the tree alone. Just today be tore our tree skirt. It was nothing to fancy but it was something. Oh well, I covered it up with presents, and you can't tell. Hopefully though he'll leave it alone. He can't actually like the taste of tree skirt in the morning.

What else.. Oh, last night I killed myself on our desk chair, I went to get up to see who buzzed the door, and slipped. Landed hard on my left ribs. Luckily, they didn't seem broken, just sore and achy and I can't move certain ways, but no bruises yet. It was funny, Angel was asleep, the brat was asleep and I was whimpering and trying not to cry, and only making it worse. Okay, so it wasn't funny in the moment, but now it is.

Annnnd, I think I ran out of topics. So good night for now, and I promise we won't take so long next time.

- Punky.


  1. We all have those moments when we can't seem to find anything worthwhile to say...that's why we post pictures! LOL
    So sorry to hear about your mishap! So glad nothing was broken!
    That silly Basement Kitty! We used to have one like that. He'd climb the tree and we'd have to brace the tree to keep it from falling over!

  2. XD I'll keep that in mind. I'm pretty sure we still have turkey day pictures to post.

    Thank you. It's even better now, still very sore to the touch but I was bend over to pick up my own pants now. Getting dressed was no fun.

    He hasn't started to climb just yet. But I've had many a cat knock over my tree climbing it. It's why I now use shatter proof.