Tuesday, December 14, 2010


For a while I've been feeling like a bottle with too narrow a neck. I've been absent from the blog because I've simultaneously felt as if I had nothing to say, and too much to say. So.. here I am at a slightly better place now.

Christmas time is upon us. Hurray! Most of our shopping is done, thank god. Presents are wrapped and under the tree. After months and months and possibly even years of discussing Santa and whether or not children should believe in him or how old is too old, Punky finally turned her back on the fat man. It dawned on her that she had saved money, thought about presents, went out for said presents, wrapped them, and he got all the credit. F- That! She boldly proclaimed.

Dieting is going wonderfully well. Punky and I have each lost ten pounds so far. We hope to continue on this road well into the new year.

Speaking of new year... We're going to Dragon*Con! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.  My inner Trekkie rejoices. There shall even be cosplay.

Uhmm.... That's about it. Life has been quiet lately. It's  a good thing.



  1. Hooray for weight loss!
    Live long and prosper...

  2. Peace and long life.

    How have you been? I just saw your Fae post 101e. Just haven't had time to comment yet. Still trying to get caught up.