Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bratexander The Greats first sunrise !

So.. I could make with the excuses, or I could get to the good stuff. I choose the good stuff.

So it turns out that as the days, weeks, and months fly by.. they actually do fly by. Birthdays come and go, school starts and teeth fall out then drop back in..

And well.. The Brat has been The Brat since the day he was born. The name was instituted when all the electronic appliances in the house flickered whenever he would cry as a newborn. He's grown up quite a bit since then, and the appliances and he have forgiven each other. He's still a lovable Brat though, in many a way. It's just that he's an older Brat now. For a while I've been pondering what his nickname would graduate or morph into as he grows.

Let us not forget that I'm a spic and therefore consider him a little Prince.

I considered The Brat Prince, but that was too Lestat-y and the kid is neither cool nor fang-y enough. The punchline of course is given away up there in the subject line. Bratexander the Great. Bratty AND Prince-y with none of the ruffles and fangs.

Annnndd... he just saw his first sunrise out on our fire escape. It was awesome. I hope, rather vainly I fear, that it's something he'll hold with him forever. He and I are sun worshipers by birth, just like our people before us. We're summer babies, Leos, and Incan. It's a triple whammy. His personal obsession with the sunrise though started about two weeks ago when we were discussing the colors of the sky and I mentioned that it could be pink and even orange in the morning when the sun was coming up. I promised to show him this, since he tends not to believe the things I say unless I prove them. So last night I put him in bed early, and promised him an early wake up call with hot chocolate involved. So when that first band of pink cracked at the night sky I shuffled him out on the fire escape and we just sorta stared in awe. Though.. that sun couldn't come up fast enough for his liking. All the while the sky was slowly lightening, he was complaining that the sun was taking foreeeevvveeeerrr..

In other news.. I can't type up what I was actually going to say, because it'd probably give away too much about his non-super hero identity and yes I'm still quite paranoid. But there are instruments o' music involved. Soo.. I'm trying to teach him to sing Jingle Bell Rock. The holidays are practically upon us after all.



  1. There's nothing quite as pretty and peaceful as a sunrise! :0) Especially one seen with a mug of hot chocolate!

  2. It was very beautiful indeed. I'm not so sure about the peaceful part what with The Brat trying to rush the sun higher in the sky...

    You, have been very much missed ma'am, and very often thought about. I hope some of the good thoughts I sent your way reached you.