Saturday, October 22, 2011


Sorry. I've been doing that in my head for about a week. Maybe now that I've put it down somewhere it'll go away.

Tramadol is the magic little wonder drug that my current physician has prescribed for pain. It is indeed a wonder drug. It lets me walk again. I've been on cloud nine about that for a while. Punky and I can now peacefully stroll through Target and look at EVERYTHING, versus having to grab the necessities before something hurts so bad that we have to go home in a rush.

Hence the poking about Thrift shops and such. WALKING. It's a wonderful thing to someone who hasn't been able to do it comfortably for years.

Of course.. I'm a little paranoid. I'm not taking it everyday so that I don't build up a pesky resistance. That tends to be my luck with drugs for pain. I'd be in for some deep depression if the Tramadol stops working. So for now I only take it on days that we have errands to run.

It's a kind of funny little pill. I took it once near to bed time because my hips were killing me. The thought process was that I'd lay down and they'd kick in and sleep would be had. Yeeaaah... I got stuck in a loop of dreams so bad that I didn't trust reality when I woke up. I kept hearing voices and tripping out in general. Bedtime Tramadol has not happened again since.

Now I call it my Get Up and Go drug. It seems to work best if I take it in the morning with some breakfast and get out of the house.

In other news... Totally made it to the post office yesterday. Wink wink. You know who you are. Also.. back to the thrift store. Punky and I were shopping for Aine. Sadly.. there were no items that called out " I'm meeaaannt fooor Aiiinnneee ".  There was a close call pumpkin but Punky said I was wrong and that it did not seem like an Aine thing. Aine things are tricky I fear.

We did manage to make some new friends though !

Mr Boo Bucket O'Love ! That's Frank posing with him. He's not from the thrift store, he's just a ham for the camera. Can't blame him, the fire escape is very slimming.

Black kitty candle! Punky insta-fell in love with it. Doesn't he look like he's scheming with Frank?

Of course.. we can't leave out Miss Alice. She's currently waiting for an operation from Dr. Punky MD.

And... Last but not least...

My magic five dollar crystal ball.



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  1. Aaahhh... You make me **blush**! ♥
    I love the goodies you scored on your recent outing. The crystal ball is most awesome! And you'd best watch Frank and Miss Alice - they may be up to some sort of mischief!
    And I'm happy to hear that you are able to get up and around without pain! :0)