Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween thrifting..

So.. yesterday, Punky and I put our fabulous sunglasses on and went off to the thrift store right outside the fenceway center. Last year that was where we picked up the porcelain dolls that we spookified and used in the hallway.

We were hoping for more ideas and inspiration for Halloween. After all the day is nearly upon us and we have practically nothing done. This year I've just been feeling very Blah. I'm even sort of dreading the holidays. I don't feel as confident or as prepared as I did last year. I think that getting a late start on things really throws me off.

There's also the bit about none of my stuff matching. I'm fussy like that. I need things to look a certain way, to have a flow to them. Even my disorder has to have some order to it. Sooo... even though we cleaned up nicely at some clearance sales last year, we have a lot of decorative things that just don't go together.

Unfortunately, the thrift store didn't help much. They either got cleaned out before we got there, or they just didn't have as much stuff as usual. We still had a ball poking about though, and I came across a beautiful glass ball that I'd like to go back for as soon as I have five dollars to spare.

This week we're living on an extra super tight budget because we had to do some spending for a dear friends birthday party. That'll be out of the way by tomorrow though, and we can start figuring out the rest of out spooky halloween plans.

For example, this will be the first year that Bratexander the Great shall be trick or treating. And as Jeff Dunham's puppet Peanut would say, our geek is showing. He shall be prancing about the streets of the city as Mr. Spock from my beloved-... wait.. do I even need to explain who he is? I'm pretty sure he's universal.

We might also be checking out a local haunted house called Blood Manor. We were supposed to go back to Sleepy Hollow for their event, but it's in the air. It just might be too much to spend when we've got so many other things on our plate.

Annnnd... Last but definitely not least... We found a friend at the thrift store that immediately brought Jeanne to mind. So we picked him up just for her. Ta - da !


  1. Well, it's hit or miss at thrift store and yard sales, but sometimes you can really score. A bird cage I bought a while back and which I completely drew a blank as to what the hell I was going to do with it - has finally become what it's always aspired to be - a scary gothic decoration complete with crow/skull, candle and black boa. Right? Scary!

    Glad to see you back!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad to be back. The birdcage sounds lovely. Punky is always improvising things like that. It's how we've managed to have such nice things in the house.

    I have been poking about your blog a bit, but I feel so shy just commenting out of the blue.

    More stories to come!


  3. Oh, How I love thrift store shopping! I always find things that I absolutely don't need but call to me to bring them home! :0) And that is why I have so much stuff!!!
    You and Punky are the sweetest! ♥ You warm my heart. :0)
    Here is my address - But I don't want you spending money if the budget is tight! I know how hard it can be sometimes - Jeanne Gripp, 245 East 106th Place, Northglenn, CO 80233

    May the Great Pumpkin fill your Treat baskets with oodles of wickedly wonderful things! ♥

  4. Thanks! I'll try and see if we can ship it out today. We've saved the addy, so you can go ahead and delete that comment if you need to. I'm not sure how you feel about just leaving it up for all to see.

    Anndd... Yes! Thrift stores are nifty. We bought a bridal petticoat once for seven dollars at one. Punky just recently used it under her costume at the medieval fest.


  5. Ooohhh... a bridal petticoat! Most awesome! Doesn't bother me about leaving my addy up there - I have several "Attack Cats" who guard the castle! :0)