Sunday, October 23, 2011

Annnnnnd.... It worked!

Let's try that again. A while ago I tried to post a blog but the internet ate it. Apparently it was a yummy entry. It's nearing a month since big things have happened, and it's about time to put them that. I don't know where to start though, it's a little be random but oh well, Angel has been talking about random stuff. I should be able to too.

I started working! It's nothing huge, but the hours have picked up a little bit only the last few weeks but it really does depend. My boss is a little loopy but she's nice. I like working for her. The hours are perfect for me. Everyone who reads this blog knows that I have bad panic attacks if I'm away from the house for too long, and that that creates problems with working. So far, I haven't had one, and everything has been going well. I've already got my first pay check and used it responsibly. I helped make payments to our shared cards of doom.  My next check comes to us on Friday and we're off to Blood Manor. I'm so excited. I like having money, I like being able to take care of us, even a little.

In other news. We have got to decorate for Halloween. It's almost here and we haven't put up anything because we're bummed about it. But we still have to! For ourselves and the Brat. Speaking of the Brat. He's taking a shower because he's covered in purple marker.. I don't even know how that happened. Just that about 30 minutes ago he came and asked if he could take a bubble bath. I told him he had to wait.. It was odd, but now I know why he wanted to take one.

Today we're headed Angel's mama's house, and I need to get ready. I have to look for the laundry card to wash some clothes, and get everyone dressed and ready. Also.. Coloring book, crayons and  other things to amuse the Brat with. Off I go.

PS. Could someone remind me I have to sew a foot back on? Thank you.

-- Punky


  1. Congrats on the job, Punky! So happy the job and you are meshing. Hope everyone had a good visit at Angel's Mom's place.

    P.S. REMINDER!!!! Sew foot back on!

  2. Thank You ever so much for the absolutely adorable JOL!!!! He is adorable! ♥ And y'all are so thoughtful to think of me! Mr Pumpkin's arrival made my heart sing in what has been a very trying time.
    I apologize for taking so long to Thank You - the grand-kids have been keeping ever so busy!