Monday, January 30, 2012

Mastering Intent

Aine's recent post about feeling some creepy energy sent me off into a thought spiral that I couldn't jot down quite fast enough.

For the most part energy has been on the mind because I've got endless questions that I fear I already know the answer to. There's nothing worse than being able to look just that far forward, the feeling of thinking you know what the answer is but not really knowing if you're right or not. I've blogged about it before, I don't exactly have a plethora of people in my life that I can turn to about these things. I actually miss the sort of witch-y community I knew.

I live in an ancient building. Like most things and places that are old, there are the usual creaks and groans of old age, and then there are the unusual ones. It's not just the creaks and groans though, it's the shadows you see out of the corner of your eyes, the nightmares that have nothing to do with personal fears, and other strange occurrences. Funnily enough, for a place that has so many different people in it, it's pretty much accepted fact that the building is haunted. Neighbors from all walks of life, past many language barriers, all have stories of their apartments having ghosts in them, or other such stories. Things go missing only to appear in another room. Things that sound like the works of fairies.

One neighbor in particular has had feelings of being ..hmm.. I don't know the right words. I believe her words were something like ' a witch riding her back '. It's a night time happening that dispels with prayer.

So, what's behind it all?

I personally don't think that there's only one answer. I think it's a little bit of everything. Energy in different forms, with different intentions. Some of it is even most likely self-manifested. Give something enough thought and you'll just about bring it into existence.

I relay the following story a little cautiously.. I know, and can imagine the many reasons why, it will upset some. So.. I'll warn now. It's about a family member dying from cancer. If that's a personal trigger, it might be safer to just walk away from this entry now.

Some years ago, my aunt passed away from ovarian cancer. The cancer, as I imagine it is for everyone who receives such a diagnosis, was a shock. She was quite advanced in years. QUITE. Not dropping numbers here, out of love for her, but let us just say that even before the cancer news, she'd already had all her ducks in a row in terms of final wishes.

Healthwise? She was actually pretty healthy for her age. She was ninety-percent independent, and lived on her own. She cooked her own meals, unless I was bringing dinner over, and only had a handful of hours a day with her home attendant to do things like shopping. She lived on the third floor of a walk up, and always managed to make it up and down just fine.

For almost a year before her diagnosis, she talked to my mother and I about knowing that something was wrong. She felt like something was wrong, but couldn't tell us what. She thought maybe it was her stomach. She had a very good team of doctors taking care of her health, but so far no one had found anything. After some time, she became frustrated with them. An emotion I am too familiar with.

In private however, my mother talked to me about the possibility that my aunt was going to make herself sick. Not quite Munchhausen's, but intent and thought. I rebelled. My mother and I weren't on great terms at that point in my life, and my aunt was.. just about everything to me. She was a mother and a friend and a therapist and even escape from some of the darker days.

So I didn't want to hear that she was making herself sick. Until it came true. I was the first person she told. I was in the back of ambulances with her when she became sick, I slept on her couch, she took care of me and I took care of her. I put my heart and soul in it. I wouldn't lose her to this. No way.

I didn't even think about the things my mother had said until one day when my aunt looked over at me very smug and told me that she'd been right. She gave a small I Told You So speech, which I handled well, if only because we shared the plight of always being in hospitals and doctor's offices and I know what emotions that sort of life brings up.

I didn't mind the I Told You So, I knew it wasn't personal. She just needed to vent.

Except she seemed so damn happy to be right. I couldn't help it, I thought about my mother, her words, and lost myself in a dark spiral of doubt. Could she really have given herself a disease?

Now, raised as I was raised, believing what I believe with no fanaticism whatsoever, I believed then as I believe now that it's possible. Not that it's fact, but that it could be.

I know Cancer is a disease. I know it's not a germ you pick up at a playground, like catching a cold. I also know that it's a mystery. If we had it all figured out, and if I wasn't a conspiracy theorist about our government and pharmaceutical companies, we could cure it.

The knowing and the believing are not mutually exclusive, they exist in the same place inside me. I don't know if my aunt wished herself into illness. I only know that she could have if she wanted to. I believe that thoughts can be that powerful. It is with thought that we manipulate energy around us. Thought is usually the beginning of all things.

So.. given everything that I believe.. I become stuck when it comes to the goings on of my own home. What do I do about the shadows and bumps in the night?

Punky is from The South. She's from the kind of South that has to be capitalized, that's how southern she is. So naturally she believes in a good old fashioned sage-ing. This is apparently all the rage down there when your house needs a little spiritual cleaning up. Even though I've never done it, I'm familiar with the process.

Satan was from a totally different place with a similar custom. In his case you'd burn incense and carry it around the house, waving the smoke with your hand. It's supposed to dispel negative energies, and rid the home of unwanted guests.

Me personally? I was raised Christian, and know the power of smoke. Consider this if you will, in the bible it says you can burn something here on Earth and the aroma would reach God. These days I've strayed too far from that path to call myself a Christian anymore, but I still believe in the power of smoke, for lack of a better word.

The hangup is that I believe you have to do these things with unwavering conviction, or not only will they not work, they'll backfire. I'm all kinds of wavery. I don't have the sort of strength necessary within myself to do these things as they should be done.

Physically I'm a big believer in Man Up and Walk It Off. Hell, I push myself to walk three miles a day on broken and aching knees. I also know that the worst thing that'll happen is that I'll fall and go to the hospital.

The worst thing, in terms of spiritually stirring the pot here at home, won't just be a trip to the hospital. It could be much much worse and make for very unpleasant living situations.

So how does one master intent? My money would be to start out with some meditation. Always a good idea to look inwards, except that right now I'm in a place that makes me scared to look inside. I've been dealing with too much doctor bullshit. I'm all fucked up about it. Sometimes it makes me into a person that I don't want to be.

So.. temporarily, I'm lost.



  1. Angelwick - I have some things to say about this! :) Ok, first of all you can't be afraid to do something about this energy because fear is the greatest tool the negative stuff uses and because fear itself is negative, you are actually feeding the energy. (have you watched exorcism movies? The demon always tries to mess with the exorcist using fear and sometimes guilt.) Ok, so enough of that backfiring thing. Not going to happen. And besides, this is your home..dammit.

    I also do not believe that most thoughts alone can make things happen only because if that were the case, then I would be so totally rich right now. And as Starhawk pointed out - "If thoughts and emotions alone could cause things to happen, thousands of my contemporaries would have married the Beatles in 1964."

    However, if thoughts are combined with other energies such as fear and dread (as in WORRY) and these thoughts are not controlled, I think maybe they can manifest as something I refer to as "thought forms." But seriously, you have to be very powerful or have OBSESSIVE thoughts/worries with a LOT of big energy behind it. Some people can do this. I, myself try like hell not to. When I am worrying like a crazy person I will DO ANYTHING to stop it - I will distract myself, do magic, go shopping, have some wine,sleep it off, whatever.

    As for your problem - I think it's very common to have spirits in apartment buildings, the older the building the more likely just because of the odds. LOTS of people have lived there and god knows what they've brought in with them and left behind. But look at it this way - if you take steps to make your place undesirable to the negative entity, he/she will just move on to someplace else. So how do we do this?

    Ok. I had this problem when I lived in an old apartment house once. It got scary, so i had to take out the big guns, but here's the order to try if you want to start small - the big gun cure too:

    1. Water/salt combo in a bowl by the bed. Freshen the water daily.
    2. Sage burning, bell ringing (you said you wanted a bell!) rattling, etc. Oh, if you have a CD with bells, like tibetan bells, you can use that too.
    3. Ok, now we get serious. Get some camphor (I got mine online but it was a long time ago and I can't remember where. It came in little blocks) and a sponge, and some sulfur and valerian (can get these at a good occult store that sells herbs or a botanica. Cut the sponge to fit in a bowl. fill the bowl halfway with salt water, add the camphor, sulfur and valerian (all stinky sorry) & immerse the sponge. You may want to put a couple of these bowls in different parts of the apartment. This should take care of it. It worked for me and I had one nasty thing, lemme tell you. Also if you happen to find a good magical herb shop, get yourself a "devil's shoestring root" and hang it over your door on the inside.

    As for your grandmother - sometimes people decide when it's time. Maybe she did that, or she suspected something was wrong because maybe when you are old you get these "feelings." Ha - she liked being right. Who doesn't? I am not going to judge that because maybe that's how it gets when you get very old? Maybe at some point it's harder for others to let you go than it is to go...I don't know. But I doubt she created her condition. I believe this is harder to do than most people think.

    Ok this may be the longest comment I have ever left. I'm going to take a nap now. Good luck!

    1. Punky says you felt a disturbance in the force as I asked about you. It's true, you've been on my mind.

      I have read and shared all the advice. I will admit though, I'm still a little wary of trying anything right now. I will most definitely let you know if I go through with any of it.

      The things I want to say never quite come out right when I blog. It's because I think too fast and my fingers can't keep up. I know what you mean about wishing things into existence. It didn't come out right for me. I hope that with time I will be able to express more correctly.


      p.s. miss you around the blog.

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