Friday, January 27, 2012

Feeling the drag and Miss Aine's Giveaway.

It's that time of the week/month/year when I just don't feel like there's anything good to write about it. This time it isn't even true. So, I'm trying to work through the drag the same way I've been trying to work through the aches and the munchies in order to meet my weight loss goal.

Saw my doctor yesterday. This visit went well, he was in a better mood than last visit. The usual poking and prodding didn't really reveal anything specific. Which.. hey.. what's he supposed to see under skin and muscle? I told him about avoiding the E.R. since they'd just take an x-ray. He agreed that the E.R. wasn't the right place, but had me take the x-rays all the same. I'm not exactly keyed up to hear back about them though, cause the issue is in the tendons or ligaments. Bone pics won't show much, if anything. It hurt to bend my knee into the correct position for the x-rays though.

On the brighter side, I really like my doctor. He's new-ish to the position, and aside from one instance of yelling at me, he's everything I need in a PCP. Sure, he's a little rough around the edges, but I don't need him to be my best friend. I've had doctors be my buddies and do crap for my health. He's the opposite. Cut and dry, right to the problems, and then, miracle of miracles, right to the scripts. No game playing. It's such a weight off my shoulders.

He's ordered an MRI of my knee, which is exactly what I need, and I didn't even have to tell him to. We're waiting on approval from my insurance, which should come sometime next week. Already made my appointments to the ortho specialist.

He upped my pain meds, but I haven't hit them yet. I'm doing the whole Pain is Fear Leaving the Body thing and just pushing through. Planning on sneaking out of the house when Punky is asleep for another two mile walk. It's not like it'll be a secret for long, she'll know as soon as she hears me come home and I'll get scolded, but I'm motivated in the moment and I'm trying to hold on to it for as long as I can ride it out. Lords and Ladies know that it'll go away soon enough and I'll have to be dragged out of bed.

I'm just trying to be as effective as possible while I've got the wind to do it.

Other news. has eaten my life. I advise all people stay away from it. Though.. if anyone has a spare invite, I wouldn't mind one.

One of my bloggy godmother's is having a giveaway! I really want to figure out how to do a blogroll or a sidebar with icons so I can pimp her blog properly, but in the meantime I'm mentioning her here.

Aine writes at :    

She's giving away a tarot reading via e-mail. I've tossed my hat into the ring, but I'm all about more people getting in there. She's amazing.

Dinner was take-out last night. Pizza. It was supposed to be a pick-me-up. I behaved like a champ. One slice only. It was hard, but I made it through. I'm excited about the upcoming food shopping that needs to be done. We have discovered that Punky likes black beans. YAY. Another food to add to the list.

That's pretty much it over here. Sitting around in Princess Leia Buns with socks in my hair because Punky and I read somewhere about this making it curly. We shall see. Found an interesting tutorial about gardening in a shoe organizer, which I might just have to try out. Also been trying to branch out on blogger, follow some other people, maybe if I'm lucky some of them will wander over here too and I won't feel like I'm talking to myself all the time.

Full of positive energy for now..

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